Platform Services

In addition to the services outlined in the previous pages we offer some special services for the following platforms like health check (a combination of availability, performance and configuration checks to verify the proper operation of the server) and various configuration services.

HP NonStop Server (aka Tandem Himalaya)

The NonStop Server product originally developed by Tandem today is sold by HP. Even almost 30 years after its introduction the reliability, high availability and scalability is hard to beat and makes it a top choice when it comes to running stock exchanges, production lines, automated warehouses and other business critical applications.

Tandem Integrity S2/FT/S4000/S5000

The Tandem Integrity is a hardware fault tolerant computer that was introduce in 1990. The S2 and FT models use a TMR architecture while the S4000 and S5000 are built around the pair & spare concept. The machines were quite successful in Telco environments and sold as Compaq's NonStop Integrity S up to last year but did not survive the merger with HP.

NonStop Clusters

When introduced in 1999 NonStop Clusters was one of the most advanced cluster products. Process migration on the fly, transparent load balancing, kernel level single system image and scalable IP networking with CVIP were all on the feature list. Due to difference between the parties involved, difficulties with the sales strategy and other problems the product is no longer sold. The technology partly lives on as OpenSSI.