Cluster Acquisition

Most enterprises today require high levels of availability for their IT solutions. Failing SLA 's or being unable to serve customer can be fatal and emphasizes the importance of the cluster acquisition process.

During the requirements specification we help analyzing the availability and/or performance requirements. Instead of going after the highest possible availability or performance we try to balance cost and need. Scalability demands (drastic increases in workload or data size) can be incorporated too. Our proven experience will enable you to produce a detailed specification in the shortest time possible.

The cluster evaluation takes the proposals from various vendors and compares it against the requirement specification. An experienced consultant at hand allows you to pass this step quicker and protects you against false claims.

At the begin of the final step you typically end up with two or three bidders that get an invitation to benchmark. A proper cluster configuration, relevant application profiles, a load generator and sufficient data size are prerequisites for a successful benchmark. Letting us conduct the test avoids the pitfalls of benchmarketing and guarantees that the achieved results have relevance in the real world.