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Me Hi there, my name is Wolfgang Blau, I'm an independent cluster expert and Clusters4All.com is my web-site I use to briefly explain clustering and show what I can do as a consultant.

I got involved in (addicted to?) clusters twenty years ago when my employer at that time, Nixdorf Computer, started a cooperation with Auragen System Corp. to develop a fault tolerant computer. Today we would call the design a high availability cluster but the term did not exist. I spent several years in operating system development managing the group that was responsible for the availability and clustering parts. Auragen missed a financing round in 85 and went bust but Nixdorf introduced the product in 86 as the Targon/32: a high availability cluster with custom hardware, Unix look-alike operating system, SSI and no SPOF .I remember a six-node cluster going life end of 86 with a total of 28 Motorola MC68020. Quite big at that time!

During 87 I worked for Norsk Data, again on a high availability cluster design using new, custom hardware and a new operating system. Unfortunately they never recovered from the stock crash in Oct. 87 and stopped the project six months later.

April 88 I joined Tandem at their High Performance Research Center where I had many interesting years working on application availability and scalability, performance measurement tools and system tuning for clusters and other architectures, all sorts of benchmarks, future systems design evaluation and lots of other cool stuff. The time at Tandem was second to none in many respects: the mixture of technical excellence, personal commitment, open communication and an enjoyable working climate was unique in the industry. Whenever ex-Tandemites get together they rave about the good old times.

Since end of 2000 I'm working as a consultant helping my clients with

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